Helping Hoofs

A variety of generous people donate funds to support the equine care and assist us with the facility requirements.  Equipment, repairs, fencing, water tanks, feed bins etc.

DSC_8780Some folks are “sponsors” or “working students” who care for individual horses.  They contribute with their time and a donation that suits their pocket book while tending to their favorite horse personally.

No amount is too small.  Guests who visit and spend time with the horses grooming or just helping around the ranch – donate $10 in the “thank you” box.

Your gift could be specific to a Project for Military Families or a group of kids coming to spend the day with the horses.

An example of Equine Costs:

  • Hay – average $100 a month for grass hay raised locally
    Grains – minerals and vitamins given daily  = $44/month
    Medication,preventative or current health issues $30/month
    Farrier – $40-$100 every 6-8 weeks depending on the horse
    Veterinary – annual dental work, variety of medical needs $50/monthly average


Sponsor a Horse Visit

Horses bring big smiles. Sponsor a visit to your child’s school or camp, or a senior home or hospital of your choice and create some joy!

We can create a day of visiting that will bring smiles to everyone.

HELPING HOOFS at Ghost Rock Ranch

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