Leadership Program

9a – 4pm “day-session” with 6-10 participants

HH-equine-leadershipIn this program, horses guide participants through a series of activities designed to identify and enhance leadership skills.

Includes a lunch break and ends with a round table of reflection.

Leadership and communications are an everyday part of the herd dynamic. The horses will inspire and challenge participants with an experiential approach, in a non-judgmental environment, allowing the participants to experiment with different leadership styles.


Core Content:

Leadership style, communication, authority, problem solving, delegation, motivation, team building.


Whoa! Who’s Talking?

9a – 4p session with 8-10 participants
Includes lunch

Designed for young adults, using horses as a tool to assist participants to gain insight into their pattern of communication.

In todays world of technology: cell phones, texting, computers, plus distanced from “one on one” communications – young people have lost sight of the art of reading body language – using eye contact or sharing effective verbal communications.

Participants work with a group of horses in activities that are designed to be both fun and challenging. With herd observation, they gather the tools to communicate in silence, like a horse, using body language, eye contact and their own physical energy to communicate with their partners in games.

This program has been proven to be an empowering experience that allows the participants to practice what they learned in their personal life.

Custom Group Experiences with Horses

Gather friends and/or family together to create your own unique experience with horses.

$25/hour/person (min of 4 persons)